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The Stigma of Wearing Adult Diapers

The stigma of wearing adult diapers I think is twofold, on one aspect I think people who wear diapers over think how much people care about them wearing a diaper; but also there is a stigma that it's taboo or only meant for really old or really young people. So if you happen to fall in between those really old and [...]

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Growing Up Wearing Diapers at School

Growing up wearing diapers was definitely challenging at times. You go through all the phases I'm growing up through elementary school, middle school and high school. Each one comes with its own set of challenges. Some things get easier and some things get harder with wearing diapers while growing up. Wearing diapers in elementary school was not as challenging. my [...]

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Appreciating the Small Things in the Adult Baby Lifestyle

The small things in the adult baby lifestyle I believe go under appreciated at times. The adult baby lifestyle comes with many unique things about it that many people may either have a hard time putting into words or go under appreciated. This is one aspect of the adult baby and diaper lover lifestyle that I feel if the [...]

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Wearing Diapers to a Gym: Adult Baby and Diaper Lovers Guide

The infamous wearing diapers in public has always garnered the ultimate feeling of being a baby and excitement for many people in the ABDL community. What better place is working out in diapers where most people are wearing minimal clothing anyways. Wearing diapers to a gym has always been a part of my life and even for someone wearing [...]

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Wearing Diapers and COVID 19

Well, I hope you all have stayed safe during this entire COVID 19 pandemic. As I try to build this site and continue to add features behind the scenes to make it a unique space in the adult baby world and diaper lover community -- there have been several challenges that have obviously made progress a bit slower. COVID [...]

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Adrian Surley Website Update

As everyone can tell I have updated my website - it is still a bit of a work in progress but I wanted to give everyone an update on where I am at with it and what is to come.  I also wanted to first thank everyone who is supporting me and continues to support me. I try to be [...]

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