Monthly Archives: August 2008

Working for the Weekend!

Got off work a bit early today! which was good because I was feeling really dragy today! I don't even think that is a word but you know what I mean :) NO matter how [...]

Mini Vacation?

So Peter and I are trying to figure out what we are going to do during the long weekend coming up! We rarley have time off together so this is a big deal for us! [...]

Dog Baths and Onsies :)

Well tonight when I got home from work I decided to give our dogs a bath cause they are nasty! I filled up the little plastic swimming pool we have and got the dogs outside [...]

Fly By Weekend

What a fast weekend! It is amazing how slow the weeks drag by sometimes but when it comes time for the weekend it just flies by! Whew! At least next weekend is a LONG weekend [...]

A New Photo & Announcement

Hey everyone.  I got two things that everyone might find really neat!  FIRST, I wanted to post a new photo for everyone...this is one of the cutest dresses I have I wear around at night [...]

Posed or Real?

So I was wondering something that I wanted to see what other people think about it! I have been around different types of websites for the ABDL community as long as i can remember...and i [...]

New Look!

So seriously this day has been longer than anything! Peter and I took the dogs out after work around at a park a couple miles from our home and wow that was interesting. We got [...]

Dinner Party Disaster

Whew! Today was so so so long! I just got back with Peter from a dinner function with his work. We usually don't go to things like that just because we aren't real "buddy buddy" [...]

Just wanted to share something with you all that I have been working on! It's a new blog site and we are very excited about it! There are three of us: Mandi, Shupe, and I [...]

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