Monthly Archives: April 2009

My Monthly Cost for Adult Diapers

Someone asked a question about roughly how much do I spend a month on diapers.  That is actually a really good question.  I truly had to sit there and think about exactly what I buy [...]

Question for my Readers

So, I had a quick question and I will leave it completely up to my readers and visitors.  I was thinking about putting 1 or 2 Adsense ads on my blog that are non-obtrusive to [...]

The United States ABDL Community

I have been asked by many people outside the United States what the ABDL community is like here.  To be honest, I have never truly participated in an ABDL 'meeting' or anything of that sort.  [...]

How I Put My Diaper On

So, I get a lot of questions on how exactly I go about putting my diaper on and I see a lot of posts on message boards on the best way to put a diaper [...]

My Readers Have Spoken

So, my readers have spoken and it looks to be a consensus on what will make my blog better overall.  I have received many suggestions so far but the biggest one seems to be to [...]

What Do You Think?

So, I have been meaning to make this post for awhile but I am just wondering on what people's thoughts are on what I can add/do to make this blog a better blog.  I really [...]

The Perfect Diaper Position

I wanted to share my experience of what I like to call "The Perfect Diaper Position".  When I refer to this I am referring to the best position I lay to sit/lay/stand that makes me [...]

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