Monthly Archives: November 2007

A Diaper Pail

Wow, if your in the mood to spend some money and need a diaper pail; well, I have found you one. Link: Vipp Diaper Pail Let me tell you if I had that kind of [...]

Good Deal on Case of Diapers

I am back from my trip and just wanted to start off by sharing a good deal I came across.  If you are a fan of Dry Comfort Briefs then you can get a case [...]

Thanksgiving is Coming

I am just posting quickly to let all my readers know that I am leaving tonight to get on a plane to go to Florida for Thanksgiving to meet some family.  I hope everyone has [...]


I have seen a number of diaper lovers criticize others for their fetish (fetishes that don't harm people) and for some reason that really bothers me.  I truly think that there really should be more [...]

Attends with Waistband

I thought today that I would review one of our favorite diapers.  Not only for price but also comfort I would have to rate this diaper as one of the best diapers out there.  You [...]

Interesting…Advanced Baby

I just read an article titled "The Advanced Baby" Article: CLICK HERE But, I thought it was interesting article to say the least.  I had never heard of this term "Advanced Baby" and this article [...]

WalMart Adult Diapers

This is sort of a review post in regards to the WalMart Brand Adult Diapers. I was quite surprised by these diapers actually. Though they may not be as thick as Attends they are probably [...]

Adult Diaper Article

I figured I would share with everyone an article I ran across. I am not sure whether it is written by an ABDL or not but none the less it was an interesting article and [...]

Cloth Diaper Folding

I ran across this site on different ways to fold a cloth diaper when diapering. They even have an actual folding a diaper 'brochure' which I thought was sort of interesting. Though, I am more [...]

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