Wearing diapers is not a completely natural thing in everyday society even though most of us truly want it to be. You have to truly get used to wearing diapers to be fully comfortable with it. I have been wearing diapers since I was a baby and even then it still took some getting use to as I went through the various phases in my life. When I was in the later stages of elementary school and kids started to develop a sense of “douchebaggery” (pardon my french) they would make fun of me if they discovered me wearing diapers but it was not a huge thing because obviously in elementary school, teachers are still very protective. So, that took some getting use to. Β Then, as I moved onto middle school and high school – things happened and you learn to deal with them. You adjust and you develop a thicker skin through each phase. I told myself all the time that this is what life has dealt me and many people had been dealt worse things in their life.

Developing Thick Skin

Being comfortable wearing diapers requires a bit of thick skin because wearing diapers at first requires some bravery and confidence in yourself. Naturally, at some point in your life someone is going to say something or make you feel uncomfortable. Β It is going to happen and if you just expect it then it may be easier to handle and you will be ready for it. Have an answer or comment prepared. But, over time you will develop thick skin to people that feel they need to judge you.

Have Confidence

Confidence is key when it comes to being comfortable wearing diapers and comfortable with yourself. After a while of wearing diapers for such an extended period of time – one becomes more and more comfortable with the idea of it. Confidence is a key factor in many things through out life but especially with things that are or appear to be a bit abnormal to the everyday things. If you don’t think its a big deal then others are less likely to think its a big deal.

Wear More

The more you wear diapers the more comfortable you will be actually wearing diapers…I know imagine that. But, its true – the more you wear diapers the more natural and comfortable you will become. Β You will notice yourself taking more and more risks and before long what use to be something of a big deal to you will be an everyday occurrence. Β The hardest part is taking that first step!

Wearing diapers is something that many people taking getting used to. Unless you have been the rare person that has worn diapers their entire life – it will take some getting use to and being more comfortable with yourself. Don’t judge yourself or think of yourself as a freak! Don’t! If it is something you truly enjoy and makes you “tick” then it is a good thing because it helps you and does not hurt anyone else. Just do what you love and don’t give yourself such a hard time over it. Becoming comfortable with wearing diapers takes a bit of time, experimenting and bravery – but I have faith in YOU. Take joy in knowing there are thousands if not millions of other adult babies and diaper lovers out there with you..