Monthly Archives: December 2008

Diaper Thickness vs. Absorbancy

I am posing a question to the community in a "just wondering" type fashion.  Being incontinent I am more concerned about absorbancy per-se than thickness of the diaper.  But, that is not to say I [...]

Merry Christmas Everyone

I just wanted to quickly wish everyone a Merry Christmas and if your not celebrating Christmas than happy holidays and if your none of that then, well just have a great day! I hope everyone [...]

That Indescribable Feeling

For many of us, including myself, diapers are a way of life.  We are incontinent and are forced to either deal with catheters which are a pain and I will never ever use those or [...]

The Diaper Scent

I personally know that I use to love how a pampers or huggies diaper use to smell. They still give off a light scent but not like they use to. I personally would love a [...]

New Girl Poster! Welcome Kay!

Hi addition to hearing my ramblings you will also get to now hear some of a new girl and one my friends.  Her name is Kay.  She will do a formal introduction of herself [...]

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