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Review: Bambino Diapers

Many people have tried the famous Bambino Diaper but still many have not and I want to take the time to make a professional and in-depth review of the diaper.  Before I begin I just [...]

Exercising in Diapers

Everyone always asks me about what I do for exercise and I always respond "Yes I enjoy jogging, walking, etc".  Then, I am sure you know that next question - do you wear a diaper [...]

Easier Diaper Cleanup

Poopy diapers really are not that bad to clean up. I suggest personally that if you are a male that you shave your butt area. Peter does and it makes cleaning up his messes a [...]

Diapered in the Summer

Being diapered definitely has its multiple advantages but there are its disadvantages.  One being during the summer when it is quite hot outside wearing a diaper can be somewhat cumbersome.  It sweats, itches, and anyone [...]

My New Site Design

Hey Fellow Readers, I hope you enjoy my new blog. Its a work in progress and there will be lots more added to it. I spent a great deal of time working on it to [...]


First of all thank you all for you kind comments about the rude people out there. I know I shouldn't let them bother me - and honestly they really don't but it just annoys me [...]

Ridiculous Comments

You know I just felt like I had to post this comment because I would say this sort of criticism is absolutely one of the biggest defining factor of the ABDL community that makes me [...]

Soft Bottom :)

Exhausted. that pretty much describes me right now! I just feel so worn out and I am afriad I may be getting sick :( I'm really hoping not though! Peter and I went for a [...]

Biting my nails!

I am taking a quick break and pulling myself away from the Florida vs. Miami game to post real fast! haha I really am biting my nails at this one cause at this point we [...]

Medicated Powder

Today was a lot less eventful than yesterday that is for sure! Really not much interesting to report just went to work and had a pretty uneventful yet very long and dragging day :) but [...]

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