For those of you that live near a beach or enjoy going to a beach and that wear diapers know that wearing a diaper out on the beach is the ultimate act of bravery if you have never done it before. It can be an experience to remember if you can muster up the courage and bravery to step out onto the beach in a diaper.

I love the beach and wish I could buy a beach house and live at the beach every day of my life. Hopefully, one day that will be a possibility. Over the years I have had to become comfortable being out on a beach in just a diaper or a diaper under some sort of bathing suit. I have done all types. I have worn a diaper by itself with just a bathing suit top. I have worn a bikini style bathing suit with just the bottoms over top of the diaper and I have also worn a one-piece bathing suit over my diaper. It just sort of depends on the weather conditions and my mood I guess and sometimes how many people are out on the beach.

I have had to get use to it over the years and I will be honest that typically it is not a big deal to me but even I sometimes get a little “shy” out on a beach in just a diaper if there are a lot of people. I don’t really like ALL that attention I guess as it is not always the most “everyday” thing people see. So, if there are a lot of people than I tend to be a little respectable and wear something at least over top of it. But, if the beach is not that busy than I tend to really not care too much as its sometimes refreshing just being out in just a diaper. Here is a picture from a few years ago out on my favorite beach!

Adrian Beach Diaper

But, honestly in my hundreds of experiences of wearing a diaper on the beach (I am a beach girl at heart) – I have had no really bad experiences to speak of. I mean sure you get a few looks but honestly most people don’t even really notice or pay attention unless of course you somehow want to flaunt it. If you can just get past that most people are not going to associate it with a “fetish” but 99% of the time will associate it with a medical condition regardless of who you are than it really doesn’t seem like such a huge deal.

I have had a few people ask me questions about it but they were respectable. Some people are honestly just curious and want to know what it feels like. I mean I am not the best at describing it in person and I am by no means the bravest person in the world and still get somewhat shy about it in person when I am this “exposed” per se. But, in the end if they are respectable about it than I really don’t have issues.

Of course you will get the few younger middle school or high school aged kids that want to poke fun but honestly you get over it and its rare. You will never see them again in your life and they have no idea who you are. I mean if you just act like its not a huge “weird” thing than most people just honestly don’t even pay any attention.

If there are a lot of people on the beach then I tend to wear a one piece Nike swimsuit I have that really makes it so there a slight diaper bulge and part of the leg lining and butt of the diaper sticks out some but that is really it and is not that big of a deal. It is just a little more respectable I guess to other people when there are thousands of people on the beach. Just my opinion.

Note – this is not a post or encouragement to go purposely be an idiot and flaunt a diaper in a disrespectful way on a beach in public. I do not condone that.