Wearing DiapersDiapers. The ultimate babyish thing you can become involved with.

Not pacifiers. Not cribs. Not hair bonnets, playing with toys, or babbling like baby. None of these things engage what diapers do for one’s emotions.

I like diapers. I actually love diapers. They were “forced” on me from a young age because of my incontinence but like a good girl…I adapted. Came to love diapers. Realizing the benefits and amazing feelings associated with diapers.

Here is a list of why I like diapers and why you should too:

  1. Gotta love the convenience factor of wearing diapers.
  2. Comfort of wearing a diaper – comfortable and cushy!
  3. Babyish feeling
  4. The stylish look of a diaper – fashion statement for the win!
  5. Diapers are sexy – I love seeing my husband in a diaper…cute, sexy, and amazing all wrapped in one.
  6. Makes me unique…the average person doesn’t wear diapers and I enjoy being unique.
  7. Cute Butts – I know its weird but I gotta say I love the little “poofy” butt a diaper makes me have. It is cute to me at least.
  8. You get to meet a whole new community of diaper lovers and adult babies.
  9. Helps me sleep. There really is something relaxing about wearing just a diaper on a cool-night with the wind blowing into our room. My husband agrees to.
  10. The Crinkle! Everybody loves the sounds of the crinkle of a diaper. Super cute.
  11. Baby Powder – I love the smell of baby powder. I rarely use it on myself when I change my own self – but when peter changes me, he always puts it on me and I love the clean smell.
  12. Relaxing – diapers are relaxing. Admit it. I don’t care who ya are – they are just relaxing.
  13. Spice up any outfit. Is your outfit boring – not with a diaper. Diapers make any outfit automatically cuter and sexier at the same time.
  14. Diaper changes feel amazing. There is something about being taken care of that puts you in this frame of mind that is pure bliss.
  15. Because I do. That feeling you can’t describe. That feeling that when you put on a diaper for the first time that you can’t describe. What is it? It is indescribable. Some people can’t explain it. Neither can I after all these years. It is just one of those feelings that you know is just well…right.

Wearing diapers will forever hold a special place in my heart and in our relationship. It is just how it is. I hope you enjoyed reading just some of my reasons for liking diapers…now please share yours! There are definitely way more and everyone is unique – so lets hear em’.