Monthly Archives: January 2009

FYI: Bambino Diapers NEW Technology

I just saw this released via a Press Release by Bambino Diapers!  Here is the Press Release: Continues to Perfect Adult Baby Diaper with New Ultra-Plush, Pillow-Soft Microporous Technology With faster wicking speed and [...]

Cute Adult Onesie

I have fell in love with a onesie that I am highly considering buying.  It is so super cute.  You ever get that feeling with something that you just feel like you gotta have...well this [...]

Diapers in Professional Sports

You know what I was wondering...with all the professional athletes out there both in the USA and around the world - based on statistics atleast one if not more would either have incontinence or wear [...]

Hey Everyone, Its Kay!

Hi everyone! As Adrian mentioned a few posts back, my name is Kay and I wear diapers 24/7. I will be posting as a guest on Adrianne's blog on occasion and want to use this [...]

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