As everyone can tell I have updated my website – it is still a bit of a work in progress but I wanted to give everyone an update on where I am at with it and what is to come. 

I also wanted to first thank everyone who is supporting me and continues to support me. I try to be upfront and honest with the entire Adult Baby and Diaper Lover community as much as I can and give off positive vibes.

The traffic to Adrian Surley became heavy and with the old site it was too much so it needed optimization – so I have upgraded the server (cost me a bit extra) and redesigned the site to be more efficient and quicker! yay! I have also redone the Premium Photo Gallery as I will be uploading personal diaper photos there a lot more frequently! New camera! I am also going to be adding a premium video section, links, forum, and there will be exclusive ABDL discounts with ABDL and diaper companies that will be exclusive for premium members.

My goal is to provide a unique community that is secure and safe for ABDLs that provides exclusive and clean photos of me personally as well as videos. Also, a sense of community that will also provide good discounts to the ABDL community on many products and services. I have made many contacts through out the years so I have some contacts at some of these ABDL companies and hope to share these benefits with members.

I wanted to at least relaunch the site and get the galleries up and running. You will notice each of the NEW features and pages get added slowly over the next several weeks. So, I appreciate everyone’s patience with this but I am trying to do it right as well make it so it works quickly and the site does not get bogged down (which it shouldn’t). 

There will be more features to come but at least wanted to give all my loyal members and potential new members an update and say THANK YOU! I also have someone in the ABDL community that has graciously been helping me get this site up and running quickly because like me, they want this site to be one of the top Adult Baby and Diaper Lover sites on the web. So, again thank you to everyone and thank you for your support!