The small things in the adult baby lifestyle I believe go under appreciated at times. The adult baby lifestyle comes with many unique things about it that many people may either have a hard time putting into words or go under appreciated. This is one aspect of the adult baby and diaper lover lifestyle that I feel if the “average” person who wasn’t engaged in the lifestyle could appreciate if they opened their minds. Small things in wearing diapers and the multitude of effects it has on the body mentally, physically, and spiritually I think makes a huge difference.

One of the small things in the ABDL lifestyle I think that goes under-appreciated is the comfort aspect. Many people can relate to this. The moment you place a diaper on and it wraps around your body – that sense of it encasing your bottom and softness against you — its comforting on many levels. Many people that have experienced this, that know that sense of comfort can literally just THINK about the comfort aspect of putting on a diaper and that feeling and its calming and exciting all at the same time. For an outsider that has never experienced that feeling – its hard to describe. But, again I think this aspect is one that goes highly undervalued and under-appreciated in the adult baby lifestyle and experience.

Safety. Those that wear diapers do so for various reasons but a large one is that feeling of safety and security. The act of wearing a diaper for many instills a sense of safety and security that is again, indescribable, to those that have not experienced diapers. This feeling again to an outsider is foreign until you are actually get wrapped in a diaper and tape it up – that feeling of security engulfs the mind and makes a person feels secure.

The infamous sound of the “crinkle”. Many ABDLs can relate to that sound of that crinkle sound when putting on a diaper and moving around in a diaper. That sound instills so many feelings that it is probably way more than I can place in words. It does something to the mind that is calming and exciting all at the same time. That feeling of walking around a warm home in just a crinkly diaper is so calming in many ways. But, while all at the same time instills a sense of excitement.

One last small thing I think that goes under-appreciated in the ABDL world is the uniqueness of wearing a diaper. Wearing diapers is unique and different. Its one of the more unique experiences and lifestyle choices that in my opinion is unique when comparing it to all the other lifestyle choices or even “fetishes” out there. It is harmless, cute and in most cases not sexual for people. That cannot be said for many lifestyle choices and fetishes out there. Sure some people engage the sexual aspect of it like with any lifestyle or object but in most cases its an extremely harmless experience that instills so many positives including confidence, safety, security, cuteness and in many ways attractiveness. This is why I think its so unique. If you think about a lot of the other lifestyle choices and/or fetishes its entirely different. I think this aspect goes under-appreciated and again is hard to really truly describe unless your in the diaper world and actually experienced it.