Well, I hope you all have stayed safe during this entire COVID 19 pandemic. As I try to build this site and continue to add features behind the scenes to make it a unique space in the adult baby world and diaper lover community — there have been several challenges that have obviously made progress a bit slower. COVID 19 has definitely affected my life and slowed me down a bit in the progress on this site that I had hoped to make quickly. I am back to working on it.

But, I actually contracted COVID 19 several weeks back unfortunately — I was NOT hospitalized but I did go to an ER just to be checked out because I felt so terrible. I am generally in very good health but unfortunately did contract it and it definitely knocked me on my butt – I still don’t feel 100% breathing wise and just more tired than usual but slowly getting back to normal. Besides incontinence and wearing diapers; I really have no other health problems and take no medication regularly – just vitamins. So, this was definitely a crazy experience for me.

Going to the ER during COVID 19 was a interesting experience – first off you get there and they immediately take your temperature and do the whole COVID screen before entering. I fortunately did not have to wait long and was running 100.6 temp at the time. They took me back and basically automatically did the COVID swab on me and then proceeded to check me out. The ER doctor was very sweet to me. I didn’t know if they would even examine me because of the whole COVID thing but she did a thorough exam just to I guess make sure she wasn’t missing anything. And, of all the years I worn diapers and been to a medical professional this ER doctor was the sweetest. When she raised up the back of my shirt to listen to my lungs – obviously my diaper was sticking out and right there which happened to be a Bambino Cloudee Diaper  – she said and I quote “That is the cutest adult diaper I have ever seen”. Sort of caught me off guard in all honesty because you just don’t expect those words from people. But, we proceeded to have a fun conversation about the whole thing and I explained to her a bit about it and she seemed genuinely interested in the whole diaper thing more from a curiosity standpoint. She asked questions like “where did you find a diaper like that” and “do they come in different colors” – just various questions that showed a interest – definitely relaxed me and took my mind off the whole COVID thing. But, in the end she probably was just being nice and polite, who knows. But, I appreciated it.

But, anyways I left with a albuterol inhaler and some cough medicine and told I would be called in 24-48 hours with COVID results — which came back POSITIVE. So, was quarantining obviously and symptoms for me improved rapidly but still just don’t feel quite like myself.

So, that is my little COVID story. Not fun to have for the first few days but overall I guess you would consider my symptoms “mild-moderate” compared to some people. I have been back working on my blog and trying to get the new sections up so keep an eye out for the new premium sections to start appearing and new photos, etc. Again, I appreciate everyone’s support in all of this and with my site. Its not the easiest to maintain and run a huge site like this as it gets a lot of traffic and I want it to be a unique ABDL site, different from the rest. So, that is my goal. Again – thank you everyone for all the support.