Monthly Archives: March 2009

Diapers – A Part of Life – Enjoy!

Diapers for me are a part of life.  I am incontinent and have grown up my whole life wearing diapers.  From just a baby I have never known anything different.  So, when people asks me [...]


I have recently joined Twitter and in a way it is kind of addicting but I find myself almost forgetting sometimes to use it.  Like, its almost like a lifestyle if you really want to [...]

Reposted Dressing Room Diaper Photo

For those who have requested to see the dressing room diaper photo - I reposted it below.  If you want to criticize or analyze the photo to somehow disprove what I am saying then fine.  [...]

Pant Selections for Diapers

I have gotten many questions on what I wear, specifically pants, with diapers.  This can be somewhat tricky depending on the type of clothing you are into.  I am into fairly typical clothing meaning a [...]

Dressing Room in Diapers

I know I haven't been able to post lately but I have been dealing with a few family issues so I have been really busy but everything is back to normal so expect a lot [...]

Bambino Diapers NEW Website and Prices

Wow.  I just noticed Bambino Diapers new website when I went to go order two more cases today.  Its truly amazing the site looks great AND they lowered their prices by about $10-$12 a case.  [...]

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