The stigma of wearing adult diapers I think is twofold, on one aspect I think people who wear diapers over think how much people care about them wearing a diaper; but also there is a stigma that it’s taboo or only meant for really old or really young people. So if you happen to fall in between those really old and really young ages then there is a stigma that “why are they wearing a diaper”. But admittedly most people are too wrapped up in themselves to really care what you’re doing anyways I found. You may think that people notice you wearing a diaper because it’s poking out of your pants or skirt or whatever the case may be but in reality most people are too busy wrapped up in their daily life to be paying attention. You would also hope that the majority of people probably would assume there is a medical issue wrong and would think nothing of it even though you may sit there and stress about it.

I do believe there is a stigma associated with diapers that I think the general public would do good in trying to understand some of the benefits behind it and the other reasons. With the acceptance publicly and embracing of things in the past 10 years such as transgender and LGBTQ community which was before considered taboo I think there has been a bit of a shift in acceptance of things that were generally considered “different”. So I think that plays to the advantage of those that wear diapers.

The adult baby and diaper lover community I think has become a bit more mainstream but I do think we have a lot to go in regards to our overall image. I think with some of the diaper companies have done including Bambino diapers has made the scene of ABDL a bit more respectable but I do think there is a lot of work to be done. There are not too many professionally done websites and blogs devoted to ABDL community that don’t wreak of bad vibes. I think there is a need for tasteful blogs and websites to get the message out about the adult baby and diaper lover community to decrease the stigma about wearing diapers. I do hope to achieve some level of that with this website and blog and do appreciate everyone who reads it and contributes to it.

My hope is one day the adult baby diaper lover community becomes a bit more mainstream even more than it is today. Obviously there are thousands if not millions of people who love wearing diapers throughout the world but hopefully we can take a page out of the LGBTQ scene and bring some of that stigma down and more acceptance and understanding of our community.