Monthly Archives: June 2009

Beauty of Bambino Diapers

So many of you may not know that I am an "amateur" (keyword there) photographer.  Trying to learn how to take nice photos and all that jazz!  Anyways, I was reading my photography book and [...]

My Incontinence and Diapers

My incontinence is not caused by a formal disease but rather it is caused by congenital birth defect.  Internal structures in my body were not fully formed and that is what causes my incontinence.  There [...]

My Photos

While I do enjoy sharing my photos and I do understand some of the risks with that - I was hoping that people would appreciate the reason why I copyright and do not want my [...]

Telling Others You Wear Diapers

One of the biggest obstacles people have is telling others they either enjoy wearing diapers or have to wear diapers.  Both, in my opinion should be approached in the same way and in the same [...]

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