Monthly Archives: May 2008

Diapers and Football ;-)

Sorry it is so late before I was able to get my first post up for the day, it has been crazy! I was at work 2 hours later than normal and after getting home, [...]

New Picture

You need the Flash Player to view this video. Just thought some of my readers may want to see a new picture of me. I know I have not posted any in a long time [...]

Reader Question and Thank You

Well just on my lunch break from work right now thought I'd write before I headed back. Today has been pretty typical..happy though that it is hump day and only 2 more days before another [...]

Soooo sleepy!

I'm at work right now but I guess this past weekend just really tired me out because I feel like a complete zombie at work. Even this morning while Peter and I were getting ready [...]

Changing in the Chinese Restroom

Well as I mentioned earlier Peter and I went to get Chinese tonight at our favorite restaurant. Usually this place messes with my stomach pretty bad so I knew it was going to be a [...]

Love Monday’s Off!

So happy that I got Monday off this week! I wish this could be every week but sadly It can't. Peter and I slept in today which is a rare happening and then got up [...]

What a long day!

It is a good thing that I have off of work tomorrow because this has been a long day! Peter and I got up this morning at a more reasonable time and decided to go [...]

Good morning/Afternoon

Wow I don't think I have slept until noon since I was in high school. haha but today I was just so wiped out from the week that that's what happened! Well I am much [...]


So sorry That i missed posting yesterday! I had to go out of town unexpectedly on business and I just got back .. lucky for me though I get an early start on my memorial [...]

Happy Wednesday!!

Wednesday is always a good day because it is hump day! that means only 2 more days stand between each of us and the weekend! I am excited because for the first time I am [...]

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