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Reader Question

"I was wondering why you like your diapers so much. I like mine because they make me feels secure in the knowledge that I will not have an embarrassing accident, and of course they can [...]

A New Week Ahead and TV Premier

Well a new week has begun, whether that is positive or negative! :) haha Not too much going on I am just on a break from work here for a few minutes. Didn't sleep very [...]

Doubling Up!

Peter surprised me and took me out to see a movie tonight! It feels like forever since we have done that and it was so so so so much fun! Before we went out he [...]

Weekend is over :(

Sunday's are always so hard because the weekend is coming to an end! :o( well first off i want to say I apologize for not posting yesterday! peter and I literally were out all freakin' [...]

New Look!

I'd like to thank peter first for helping me redesign this blog!! Our other option fell through so I hope you all still like it because I think this one looks like a lot sleeker [...]

Reader Questions

Here are some questions posted by a reader so I thought I would go in and answer them... 1.) You mentioned in a previous post that you were a child when you had to start [...]

Thank you!

I meant to post this earlier but this day has just be so so so crazy! I wanted to say thank you for all the supportive comments since the post I made yesterday! I was [...]

Peter’s Blog

I just wanted to make a quick post and let everyone know that my fiance Peter posted some photos of ABUniverse diapers on his blog.  You can go HERE to see the photos.  These are [...]

Our Lives

Well in response to a comment that was sent to me I'd like to address a few things and I hope that my readers are still here! I will try and address some of these [...]

Suggestions PLEASE! :)

Alrighty so I am late to work..which is fine because I was already planning to stay late tonight but I need some help from you guys! As you know we run IMABDL and recently we [...]

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