Diapered in the Snow

So, we finally got some snow in North Carolina.  We never get snow in the central part of North Carolina, it can be so frustrating.  I love snow so we went and built a snow [...]

Wearing Diapers to the Gym

So, I recently joined a local gym and I am trying to make it a habit to go almost everyday.  After work, I always head straight to the gym so I don't have an excuse [...]

Secure Plus Diaper Review

The Secure Plus diaper is a diaper put out by Secure Personal Care and is probably one of the best mid-level adult diapers on the market.  Plus, the all new Secure Plus diaper has a [...]

New Outlook and Promise

With the New Year and finally a cleaner blog design that I can be satisfied with - I have made a New Years resolution to post everyday at least something on this blog.  Some days [...]

Patting A Diapered Butt

You are probably looking at the title of this post and thinking, "Well that is a strange title".  But, I wanted to discuss a feeling that I think many adult babies and diaper lovers can [...]

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