Monthly Archives: May 2009

Bambino Diaper Dry Weight vs Wet Weight

Many people have asked me about a dry weight and wet weight comparison of Bambino Diapers with another premium diaper like Abenas.  Well, I didn't do this experiment myself but somebody else did.  I am [...]

Bambino Duo Booster Review

This is the official review from me for the Bambino Duo Booster pad put out by Bambino Diapers.  I will be doing an additional review on the "Quadros" at a later date. The [...]

Diapers at Work

Since I am sitting at work right now I figured I would blog about what it's like wearing a diaper at work while I am actually doing it. Well, I must say it's very comforting [...]

I Heart Diapers Live Chatroom

Hey everyone - I have added a live chatroom for I Heart Diapers. I will leave it up as long as it is kept clean and is used. I don't want to find out its [...]

Peter’s Blog

Well, everyone Peter has got his blog up and running.  Granted, it only has one post on it but he just started.  He will probably update his blog pretty often because he is better at [...]

Satisfaction of a Messy Diaper

I have been meaning to write about this topic for some time now but never got around to it because I always thought of something else or had something else to write.  But, first off, [...]

Peter is Starting a New Blog

So, big news for everyone today - Peter is officially starting a new blog.  He even bought a domain name for it and everything so once he gets it setup and somewhat up and running [...]

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