Since I started writing for Adrian’s website a lot of my posts have focused on specific challenges of diapered life — how to travel while diapered, how to deal with telling people about your diapers, and so on.

Lest that start to make things sound like a burden, let’s be clear: I think diapers are awesome, and I’m happy I use them in my life. Yeah, there are some challenges, but it’s also comfortable, convenient, and at times just plain fun.

Here’s a list of some basic, everyday situations where it pays to be diapered:

1. Concerts, Fairs, Street Festivals, and Other Big Outdoor Events

Waiting in a long line for the privilege of using a portapotty strikes me as the veritable definition of “insult to injury!”

Anywhere you’ve got huge crowds of people and public bathrooms, diapers are amazing. Put one on before you leave the house, change it after you get home, and never think about anything bathroom-related in between. It’s fantastic.

One caveat: changing in portapotties (or even stalls with flush toilets that have seen steady use all day long) is a disgusting experience. Make sure your diaper is going to hold up without changing until you can get somewhere nicer.

2. Long Commutes

This one applies equally to public transit and driving/carpooling. Traveling while diapered means you can drink all the coffee you want (and all the water, too, please — staying hydrated is healthy!) without worrying about being uncomfortable on the trip.

Slightly less awesome is having messy (as in fecal) diapers on a long trip, especially if you’re sharing a close space with other people. That’s sticky and smelly and not a lot of fun, so try to avoid it if you can…but if you can’t, hey, at least you had the diaper. A messy diaper, even in an awkward situation, is still less awkward than pooping your pants without one.

3. Epic Movies (and Movie Marathons)

Not to gloat or anything, but how many of your friends made it through those extended-scene Lord of the Rings versions without ducking out to use the bathroom at least once?

Well, okay, let’s go ahead and gloat. It’s not like having to use the bathroom mid-show is a regular problem for everyone — most people’s bladders can make it through a normal movie — but it’s still something that crops up from time to time in the non-diapered life.

Even a light diaper, on the other hand, is more than enough protection for a long movie and then some. Put a thick one on and you can make it through an all-night marathon.

4. Busy Class Schedules

For the students out there — back-to-back-to-back lectures do not come with a lot of time in between, and you’ve got to eat somewhere in there. Skip the bathroom breaks and you’ve suddenly got an extra couple minutes.

As an added bonus, you never have to be the person slipping out awkwardly mid-way through a class. Of course, on the flip side, if your professor knows you wear diapers, you don’t have an excuse to duck out when it’s so boring you can’t keep your eyes open…so maybe try to be discreet, at least until you get a sense for how engaging your classes are.

5. Online Multiplayer Games

Got any nerds in the house? If we do, then we’ve got people who know that there are not always convenient points to stand up and go to the bathroom during multiplayer games!

Don’t get ganked while your character’s standing idle — just wait until you’re done with your game for a diaper change. Convenient.

(So convenient, in fact, that there are jokes about hardcore gamers using diapers for exactly that purpose…you can take those stories with a grain of salt, but non-diaper-wearers have clearly at least recognized the convenience factor.)

6. Plumbing Problems

This one was driven home for me quite forcefully, recently, when our toilet started leaking all over the floor at 5:oo PM on a Sunday.

For my flatmates that meant a quick run to the 24-hour McDonald’s down the street. I, of course, was fine waiting until the plumber showed up on Monday morning!

It can be more problematic if your water goes out entirely — diapers get a lot less convenient when you don’t have access to regular washing — but for toilet problems, diapers take a lot of the urgency out of the repairs.

7. Uncomfortable Chairs

Not just convenient alternatives to the bathroom, diapers are also great padding for your butt. Since I’m a writer by trade, I spend most of my day in a desk chair, which isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world. The smooth plastic barrier plus the soft padding between my skin and the coarse synthetic covering on the chair’s worn-down cushions makes things a lot nicer.

So there you have it — seven great situations to be diapered in. What are your favorite “glad I’m diapered” moments? Share in the comments!