Monthly Archives: June 2008

Shifting padding

What a LONG day! Thank goodness this is a four day week otherwise sometimes I don't think I would make it through the whole thing! After work though I did got for a 10 mile [...]

Party Time!

Well this weekend went well for the most part! Peter and i had our first "party" over here since we have moved in which has been several years ago.  It wasn't some wild party or [...]

Diaper Costs

Just got home from work, really late but I had to get the work done so that I wouldn't be out till all hours of the night tomorrow! i could not be more happy that [...]

I tore my diaper :( Well kinda…

Sorry I did not post yesterday. I really have no excuse except that I got busy and by the time I was avaliable to post I honestly just went to sleep. This week is really [...]

Surprise Monday!

Well today started off like any other normal Monday and then went crazy! About lunch time Peter called me at work and told me that he was having some of his friends from work over [...]

New Look! FINALLY!

I am so sorry for the delay in my posting! I have been working all weekend on trying to get a new look for the blog and for some reason I kept messing it up [...]

Stinky diaper at work

I am feeling better today! last night I felt bad for about 4 hours but finally afterwards things started to calm down and Peter was finally able to just sit there with me instead of [...]

Good News!

Good news! my doggy is okay and is on his way to feeling much better! I took him to the vet today. I got off work early because I really wanted to be there with [...]

Sick Doggy :(

Peter and I had a pretty good first day of the week. One of our doggies is really sick so I am very sad right now. he hasn't been sleeping like he normally does and [...]

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