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My Healthy Eating Update

I know I mentioned a while back that I have been trying to eat healthier and it has been going pretty good for the most part.  During the week is easy to eat healthy because [...]

To The ABDL Community

I am only going to address this once as I feel it needs some addressing.  First, I will start off by saying that this blog is for ME.  It is a way that I have [...]

Where Did the Weekend Go?

Gosh, the weekends go so fast.  My weeks drag by and then finally it is the weekend and I feel like it just goes by so quickly and before I know it, its Monday again.  [...]

The Adult Baby and Diaper Lover Reality

Adult babies and diaper lovers have always been faced with a stigma from the general public because of the relationship between diapers and babies.  People automatically associate that because a grown adult enjoys wearing diapers [...]

Support Me

As some of you have already been able to tell there are a few advertisements on my site that are hopefully not to obtrusive. If any of you have a better suggestion for where the [...]

Diapered in the Kitchen

While I do not think this is my most flattering picture, I will post it anyways.  This photo was taken in our kitchen before going out to see a movie.  Rockin the white know [...]

Adult Diapers and Tax Free Holiday

This weekend (Friday - Sunday) if you live in the United States is tax-free weekend.  If you live in certain states then you are entitled to tax free on certain items.  Here is the complete [...]

Bambino Diapers New Modifications

Apparently Bambino Diapers has modified their Bambino Bianco diaper and made it completely white and softer!  I have heard from several people about this.  Instead of the blue waistband, they have changed it to white [...]

Adult Baby Symbol Update

Overall, the response is what I expected.  You have a lot of people who like it and would get involved with it and then you have the people who say it is too obvious.  It [...]

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