Diaper Under ClothesLets talk about a topic that rarely gets discussed. How often do I change or have my diaper changed. I know this can be variable depending on your situation but I will let you know my thoughts on the matter.

Since I wear 24/7 naturally I am going to change my diaper more than most people…or so you would think.

On average I change my diaper about 2–3 times a day…usually just twice unless I have a day where my bowels are moving more or I consumed a lot of fluids. But, I try to use the diaper for what it is and not just wet it a little and change out of it.

But, I also do not flood the diaper and have it weighing 5 pounds and just hanging on me. I notice a lot of people try to test the limits for whatever reason. Honestly, I feel that actually takes away from the “babyish” factor of it all because babies don’t sit in a flooded diaper all day. Honestly, that would be uncomfortable and borderline annoying.

One of my biggest pet peaves is sitting around in a messy diaper. Don’t get me wrong – I do like the feeling sometimes because it does feel “babyish” but then after about 15 minutes or so then I am like OK I want to be changed and in a fresh diaper. Usually Peter is pretty good about checking me if I smell or he can pick up on some of my idiosyncracies when I mess my diaper. So, I must thank him for that!

I know some people like hanging out in a messy diaper all day – but honestly that is not my style. Its babyish and what not for a short bit and then it just gets sort of uncomfortable and sometimes the smell can be overwhelming. Being the neat freak that I am – this is obviously not enjoyable for me after awhile.

Wearing diapers 24/7 you would think I would start depreciating the experience of diapers…but actually it is the exact opposite. It has made me who I am today and I appreciate it everyday. It makes me unique. I still to this day love the feeling of diapers, the comfort and just everything that comes along with it. That is not to say there are some days when I am just frustrated in general and a specific circumstance arises and I get annoyed.

One example would probably be I had already had my diaper changed 3 times that day – 2 messy diapers and 1 wet. But, we had gone to the mall because I thought I was feeling better and up to it. I was annoyed that day already – Peter had annoyed me on something and of course I have another fricken messy accident in my diaper and I had to be changed. So, Peter and I had to find a family restroom to change me in and we had to wait for someone to finish up before we could go in – we were already in a rush, I was annoyed with him from earlier. I have days like that sometimes – but usually it has nothing to do with wearing diapers in general.

I say that if you are going to wear a diaper – especially one like a Bambino Diaper or Abena Abri-form diaper – then actually use it enough to make the diaper worth it instead of just “dribbling” in it and then changing it. And, please don’t sit around in a messy diaper all day – its just going to become uncomfortable!