Monthly Archives: February 2008

Dealing With Messy Diapers

I thought I would address what many have been wondering about - how I deal with messy diapers since I do wear 24/7 that is obviously something that comes up.  Well, on average I typically [...]

What a day!

Well I am sorry that I haven't been able to get a good post in today but I can not even begin to explain to you all what has gone on today! I have 2 [...]

My Fiance’s Blog!

Well everyone, I think my fiance got a little jealous with all the attention and fun I was having with all this blogging and everything so he has decided to create his own blog just [...]

Quick Change

Just home for a quick change because silly me walked out of the house this morning without my diaper bag! I guess I shouldn't have been drinking all that coffee if I didn't have a [...]

Adult Pacifier Found this and thought it is really cool! I love using pacifiers because they make me feel very very much like a baby and this is cool that instead of having to buy the [...]

ABDL T-Shirt Design Ideas

Minoring in fashion design I have taken up trying to design universal t-shirts for the ABDL community.  I would love for everyone to come to an agreement on what would be an appropriate and neat [...]

Adult Baby Clothing I was looking around the internet and came across the above site. I was wondering, do any of you think you would wear any of those clothes? I mean I have worn the footy [...]

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