Monthly Archives: April 2008

Frustrating day!

Okay so that's probably a pretty negative title and I shouldn't think like that but today was just so frustrating! No one seems to listen to me and at some point that just gets to [...]

Love Pajamas!

After looking at those pajamas today it made me want to go snuggle up in the footie pajamas that I already had! haha so even though it is really not that cold that is exactly [...]

Cute Pajamas

I want something different either a new diaper or new wipes, or a new diaper bag or SOMETHING! something new! haha i guess that probably sounds weird but i spend like half my day online [...]


Peter and I just did something very bad..we took a late late run to the grocery store and bought lots of junk food that we don't need! haha We just were craving a whole bunch [...]

New Week New Beginnings New Pictures

I love the start of the week sometimes because it just feels like a complete new beginning! No matter what problems you were facing the week before or even over the weekend sometimes it just [...]

Sooo tired!

This little sickness is really making me tired! SO i am getting ready to go to bed to try to get a few extra hours of sleep tonight! don't want to start Monday off on [...]

Pictures and Walks

Had a great day yesterday! Though this morning I woke up with a fever and really not feeling well, right now I feel better but i'm hoping that it is a 24 hour bug or [...]

Fun Times

Well I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying my Saturday! We spent last night just hanging out, Peter took me out to dinner but we ended up coming back afterwards! Some friends came [...]


I am so so so so excited that Friday has finally come!! I don't know about anyone else but this week has just seemed to trickle by! No big plans for this weekend just hanging [...]


What a day what a day! Well I got back a while ago but realized that I hadn't done any cleaning! Peter was already asleep but I had to wake him up to change him [...]

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