Growing up wearing diapers was definitely challenging at times. You go through all the phases I’m growing up through elementary school, middle school and high school. Each one comes with its own set of challenges. Some things get easier and some things get harder with wearing diapers while growing up.

Wearing diapers in elementary school was not as challenging. my teachers knew about my incontinence issue and having to wear diapers. There was a school nurse at the time and it was very scheduled in regards to diaper changes and getting checked. It was never by anyone but the school nurse despite what some people think. Nobody was allowed to check the diaper besides the school nurse I’m assuming at the time 4 privacy and security reasons. Usually mid morning I would get checked by the school nurse and then at lunch time and then one more time sometime early afternoon before school is out. It was very regimented. They did a pretty good job about privacy at the time right. I didn’t have too many run-ins with people finding out. There were a few occasions but nothing traumatic fortunately for me. I wasn’t exactly flamboyant and showing it off either. 

 Diapers in middle school was a whole different ball game. I’m guessing hormones are raging and people become a little meaner in Middle School.  I still had a regimented schedule in regards to a school nurse with diaper checks and changing. By this time the diapers were a bit thicker and held a bit more so I could go longer, I remember in between changes assuming I didn’t poop. Believe it or not I didn’t mess my diaper much during school, I’m not sure if it was just how my diet was laid out or I was just busy. I’m not quite sure. I probably had maybe two messy diaper changes each week but usually they happened after school fortunately for me. There were definitely Instances where people found out about the diaper and there were a few ridicules but I distinctly remember a girl actually being very supportive and comforting me in a way when somebody was making fun of me. I still remember her name to this day…Beth.  Wherever she is now I appreciated it at the time even though I was a little embarrassed and probably didn’t show it. 

 Wearing diapers in high school was very similar to Middle School but by the time I got there there were definitely some more things in process and regulations with regards to changing a diver. I remember having to get a form signed and all this stuff to allow my diaper to be changed at school by a nurse. I just remember it being an ordeal with my parents.  The fact of the matter was a wet diaper could make it for a while although can be irritating but a poop diaper needed to be changed for sanitary reasons and honestly the smell could be noticeable in a small classroom. Even though I couldn’t control my bowels and bladder I remember modifying my diet somehow trying to not have a poop diaper at school but it happened maybe once or twice a week.

Overall wearing diapers in school and growing up in diapers wasn’t that bad once you learn to accept it. The logistics were always the hardest part to figure out when it came to diaper changes but after that it was a matter of building confidence and just keeping some close friends.