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Top 5 Diaper Rash Creams

I know I wrote about Diaper Rash creams a few days ago but I just wanted to follow up on that note with an article that lists the Top 5 Diaper Creams for preventing diaper [...]

Diapers for the Night

As I am getting ready to go to bed tonight i was thinking.  I have never been one to wear anything special to bed at night, most of the time I just wear my favorite [...]

I *Heart* Diapers Apparel Shop

MY SHOP Being a minor in fashion I have begun to design trendy and hip clothing for the ABDL community. There are many ABDLs that enjoy not only wearing babyish clothing but also a bit [...]


I was getting ready for work this morning and I looked in my closet to change my diaper and remembered that I had a bag of boosters that I had bought a long time ago [...]

How to treat Adult Diaper Rash

I for one suffer a great deal of the time from diaper rash. I have always just thought that the only way that I could treat it was to use powder and oil, but for [...]

Oh, the importance of fiber

Everyone knows that has ever had constipation problems that fiber is one of the biggest helpers. I am big believer in staying away from enemas and other forceful mewp_es of releasing wastes. Messing in my [...]

Diaper Rash ointment for Beauty!

I found an interesting article that talks about actually using diaper rash ointment for beauty and cosmetic uses.  Being a girl, of course I found this somewhat helpful since I actually do cary the specific [...]

Oil Gels?

I experimented with something new this past weekend.  I am one who is very prone to  diaper rash and irritation on the sides of my legs. Anyways, I have used oil in the past but [...]

Switching Powder for Diaper Changes

I wanted to write a post on my experience with baby powders.  I have come to find that sometimes I get tired of the same ol' smell of one particular baby powder and that sometimes [...]

Changing Pads

Just thought that I would share something that I have really really enjoyed! When I began to look for some new types of diapers I emailed some different companies getting some samples sent and looking [...]

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