Monthly Archives: July 2009

Possible Official Adult Baby Symbol

I have been attempting to find a logo that can represent the ABDL community that will be adopted by them and accepted.  I think I may have found one.  A fellow ABDL friend and myself [...]

Create A Baby

I was introduced to this neat little program on Luvs' website that allows you to "Create A Baby" so I designed a cute baby modeled off of me of course!  Well, I added the glasses [...]

Final New Blog Look

Ok everyone, this is my final new blog design. I promise! I know I am probably driving everyone crazy with my new designs - I just really strive for perfection. But, this is a turning [...]

Peter Modeling Diapers

I know this probably isn't as good as me modeling diapers but like I said I do enjoy taking photos and however poor I am at photography - I still like taking pictures.  So check [...]

Bambino Quadro Booster Review

The Bambino Quadro Booster is Bambino's premier booster made specifically to fit their Bambino Diapers.  Though it will fit into most adult diapers, it was designed to lay perfectly within the Bambino Diaper seat area [...]

My New Blog Design

Welcome to my new blog design - it is still a work in progress but I didn't want to keep it down for too long. Still adding some graphics, tweaks here and there, etc. I [...]

Vacation Was Great

So, I know it has been a little bit since my last post but I was on about a week long vacation that was much needed. We went to Sunset Beach and it was beautiful [...]

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