Monthly Archives: July 2008

Changing in the Car

So i had a question about changing in the car and I am sorry I have not responded sooner but we are working to get an all new and redone IMABDL. We are really excited [...]

Fun Weekend

Well this weekend was WONDERFUL! peter and I got to spend a lot of times with good friends and with one another, but boy am i wiped out! usually I am able to get more [...]

Night on the Town

Whew! Just got back from walking and a little bit of jogging with Peter and the doggies! that was quite hot! My diaper is so full of sweat I am going to need a change [...]

Diapers at Work

First off in response to another question (btw- thank you very much for the questions, they not only give me something to post about but it is also always great to hear from my readers). [...]

Youth Size Diapers

Today Peter and I got in the mail some youth sized diapers that we had ordered. Now, Peter would not be able to fit in these but he thought that I may beevenable to and [...]

Diapers at the Doctor

I wanted to start off my addressing a question that one of the readers posted earlier. They asked me how I delt with going to the doctor and telling them about diapers. The thing with [...]

Terribly Sick Weekend :(

I am so so so so sorry for the delay in posting! Friday night was fine but we were out until about 3:30 am so by the time I got back I passed out! Saturday [...]

Late Night

I am sorry for the very delayed post. Tonight has been very crazy and as we speak Peter is downstairs entertaining his parents while I am up yes it is way to late to [...]


Well to start off I wanted to answer a question that I had from a reader. he asked me if (From the post yesterday) If i was just too lazy to get up and change [...]

Big Nightime Mess!

Back the the typical work week for me :) Today seemed busier than normal but I'm not sure if it was or it was just the beginning of a week that I was not ready [...]

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