Monthly Archives: October 2008

The ABDL Symbol

I have long been a supporter for some sort of universal ABDL symbol being made.  There was a 'pin' designed a while back but it was so plain and boring.  I truly think that a [...]

Setting The Record Straight

Hi all.  Well, I have been getting some pretty hateful comments from a person lately from Aunt Elli or use to be from them - not exactly sure who they are.  But, basically he/she is [...]

Going Out Photo

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="330" width="500" /] Here is a photo we took going out with some friends to a bar on Monday night.  Monday night football - heck yeh!  Those pants are from Hollister and as [...]

Diapers and Faces

Ok, I decided to make a post about the subject of showing your face in this community.  I have become seemingly frustrated of the number of comments/request/etc to this matter and I see it all [...]

The Perfect Smelling Oil Lotion

I have been using a certain kind of oil/lotion in the shower that is made by Johnson and Johnson that I am sure atleast a few people have heard of.  I absolutely love it too, [...]

CosynDry Onesie Review

I thought I would do a little bit different review today.  Instead of a diaper I thought I would review one of the onesies from CosynDry.  I have two onesies actually from them and they [...]

The Infamous Poopy Diaper

You wouldn't believe the number of emails and contacts I receive asking me about poopy diapers and how to deal with them.  Honestly, there is no simple and magical answer that I can give to [...]

Just Stand Up to Cancer

I know this may be a little bit off topic but I just truly had to post this.  Listening to this song personally is probably one of the most inspirational things I have heard.  Some [...]

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