The infamous wearing diapers in public has always garnered the ultimate feeling of being a baby and excitement for many people in the ABDL community. What better place is working out in diapers where most people are wearing minimal clothing anyways. Wearing diapers to a gym has always been a part of my life and even for someone wearing diapers 24/7 because of not only need but also the love of diapers does get some “excitement” and enjoyment from it. The feeling is a bit indescribable in all honesty and I am sure many adult babies and diaper lovers can relate to that same feeling.

Wearing diapers to a gym does come with a few things to keep in mind and that come into play. Its not all “fun and games” per se with diapers in a gym environment. So, I have put together a few personal anecdotal tips, tricks and a bit of a guide for those that are going to wear diapers to a gym.

Choose Clothing Appropriately

Whether your male or female, choosing appropriate clothing with diapers is going to be critical. For men if you are just doing weights they generally are going to opt for loose fitting shorts and top to allow good movement and not look ridiculous with tight shorts and a huge bulging diaper. I understand some people get a kick out of public diaper showing, and I get that – I do, but you have to be respectful and within reason as well. In my opinion, it would be inappropriate for a male to wear a spandex shorts/pants and a huge bulging Bambino Diaper. In my opinion that is tacky and a bit too much. So, men please choose loose shorts and top. If you want to let the diaper peak-out that isn’t a huge deal. But, be respectful to others as well. 

If you are going to exercise in terms of running or cycling or elliptical – then wearing a diaper can work but may get a bit warm. Consider tighter clothing at that point with a thinner diaper like Tranquility or Attends that still provide good protection while not being quite so bulky.

For women like myself I tend to wear Nike shorts a lot with either a Bambino Diaper or Tranquility diaper underneath. I do wear spandex shorts or tights from time to time depending on my mood and sure the diaper is a bit more noticeable but I guess I have become accustomed to it. 

In the end, believe it or not most people at the gym are really not paying much attention to you as much as you think – they are too focused on themselves and their own workout OR they are checking themselves out in the mirror!

Diaper Changes at the Gym

If you are at the gym long enough some time diaper changes happen and to be honest it is no fun working out with a wet or poopy diaper on. And, in all honesty you should not be hanging out in the gym in a messy diaper – it really isn’t hygienic at all or appropriate. 

When I change my diaper at the gym – this is lady edicate by the way so I am not sure totally how “guy code” works in the locker rooms – but if my diaper is just wet I generally just will change it while sitting on a bench in front of my locker and wipe myself with a fresh baby wipe and put on a new diaper either on the bench if there is enough room or lean against the locker. I have never had an issue with this and most women don’t seem to notice or care. I believe I have had a few strange stares over the years but most people are understanding in my opinion and assume medical condition. If I have a pooped diaper which has happened a few times I do generally go into a bathroom stall and change myself because that is the appropriate thing and hygienic thing to do.

I always recommend baby powder as well when wearing diapers to the gym because it helps cut down on odor for one thing, but also it helps keep things dry. 

Prevent Chaffing

Chaffing can definitely be a real problem when wearing diapers to a gym because of obvious reasons. Even myself have had issues at times. Especially if you are going to be doing cardio. I highly recommend some sort of anti-chaffing product whether its simple vaseline or one of the many anti-chaff products that you can apply to the inner part of your legs/thighs to help with rubbing. Baby powder helps keep your bum and genital area dry but the rubbing of the diaper in between your thighs can sometimes create problems in a gym environment.

Don’t Be Afraid

In the end that biggest barrier to wearing a diaper in public or at the gym is YOU. You are your own worst enemy here. Most people think that everyone is staring at them or judging them. Especially at a gym, most people are too focused on their own workout or checking themselves out in a mirror to really pay attention – this has been well studied. Nobody is hunting around the room looking for someone wearing a diaper. 

In reality, if someone sees you wearing a diaper – most people’s first thought is probably ‘curiosity’ and medical condition. Most people are not versed in the ABDL world believe it or not. And, if you are not acting like a total weirdo about it making it a huge thing then really most people are going to care less. 

Believe it or not, diapers are very common in public for various reasons. Look at adult diaper sales in general – they are in just about every store and all over the internet. Medical conditions warrant adult diapers some times and some people wear them out of medical necessity like myself. 

So, next time you are wearing diapers to a gym or thinking about it – keep these things in mind.

Be respectful, use common sense and enjoy diapers – don’t make it a burden.