Monthly Archives: February 2010

Saturday Night Boredom

So, it is Saturday night and I am still feeling a little woozy.  I am all alone as the boyfriend is out of town for a couple days.  Just sitting here watching a bunch of [...]

Being Sick in Diapers

I have been feeling a bit under the weather lately.  Yeh, I've been sick the past day or so.  I still am feeling the effects of it.  I have been feeling pretty weak to the [...]

Wet Diapers and Chafing

One of the most important factors I take into consideration when buying adult diapers is how they perform when it comes to chafing. No matter how absorbent or cute or whatever the diaper is, if [...]

Living in a Diapered World

Do you ever get the feeling that you are living in a world that is more diapered than you think? I know I do and I think many would be surprised how common it may [...]

Adult Diaper Competition

The competition in the adult diaper industry is more competitive than ever. Competition could not be more noticeable in the adult diaper industry as it is in the adult baby and diaper lover community where [...]

My Copyrighted Photos

Just a quick note - if I continually see my photos popping up and being shared on other sites then I will stop taking photos, period.  I take specific mewp_es to clearly state that my [...]

Adult Diaper Tricks and Tips

This post is going to be a list because I wanted to share some tips and tricks that I think may help some of the ABDL community.  I am sure many of you already know [...]

Quiet Night in Diapers

We are just sitting here watching sports.  Not doing anything too exciting.  I took a quick shower after work and then got diapered up and now am laying around in a Bambino and sweatshirt.  Its [...]

Premium Diaper Prices Comparison Chart

So, I have been catching some flak from a few people about my ABUniverse diaper prices rant.  First, all I want you to do is first look at the chart below...granted it only includes Bambino [...]

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