Monthly Archives: November 2008

The Comfort Phenomenon

Well sorry everyone for not posting in awhile, I have just been dealing with some family things as well as enjoying the holidays.  And I hope everyone else here had a great Thanksgiving if you [...]

Acceptance of Adult Diapers Elsewhere

I wanted to link to an article that I thought represented the thought of adult diapers to many others around the world and the notion of how they are not such a "taboo" thing.  Here [...]

Pampers Swipers Review

I hadn't done a review in awhile so I thought I would do a review on my favorite wipes.  They are called Pampers Swipers.  I use these all the time - I bought two normal [...]

Bringing Adult Diapers Mainstream

Ever since I have worn diapers even though I do not care much what others think, I have always dreamt of ways to bring the adult diaper phenomenon into mainstream society.  I truly think it [...]

Tennis with Peter and Friends

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="331" width="500" /] While I must admit that I do not exercise as much as I should I do enjoy showing off my awfully poor tennis skills.  Everyone has a good laugh at [...]

Diapered and Disabled

I recently have been getting a fair amount of comments from people that have varying disabilities from Multiple Sclerosis to Cron's disease.  While myself and many others do suffer from incontinence - suffering from a [...]

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