Well this weekend was WONDERFUL! peter and I got to spend a lot of times with good friends and with one another, but boy am i wiped out! usually I am able to get more sleep but we just kept having things to do so it didn’t end up being quite as relaxing as I had hoped.  Peter loved the dress that I wrote about that i Wore on Saturday. I think he had more fun with me in that than being out with our friends! He really enjoyed when halfway through the night we were able to go out to the car and he could change me! I love when that happens because to me it feels so wonderful to be taken care of and like I am really cared about 🙂

I am waiting on Peter right now to get home from a meeting he had this evening. He has been doing a lot of traveling and I know it has been hard on him. He really feels sad when I am not there to take care of him because we really rely on one another a lot to make sure we are dry, clean, and taken care of just like little babies. Hopefully he’ll get home at a decent hour so that we can spend some good time with each other! well off to shower for me.. I’m kinda stinky 😉 Hugs!.