Today Peter and I got in the mail some youth sized diapers that we had ordered. Now, Peter would not be able to fit in these but he thought that I may beevenable to and that they would be good for me. I usually like thicker diapers because it makes me feel more comfortable, but I decided i would try one today when I went into work. I should have known automatically that it would not be enough for me to use throughout the day but I somehow though it would be.  I went to work wearing it, even though it did end up fitting the first time In needed to use it i leaked straight down my leg within 5 minutes. 🙁 Not good… I went to change and found that the other one that Peter had put in my bag that i take to work was exactly the same. I was scared to use the diaper because I knew that was my last one so I went through the entire day holding using the diaper. I called Peter and he brought me a thicker diaper at lunch so that I would be able to use it without worrying. I just have to say they are good diapers (of which I have pictures)  but they do not hold enough for someone such as myself.

SO ready for this weekend….Only 2 more days!!! 🙂 HUGS!!!.