I am sorry for the very delayed post. Tonight has been very crazy and as we speak Peter is downstairs entertaining his parents while I am up here…at yes it is way to late to be at our house! We decided to invite them over for dinner but they just kept talking and hanging out and I am about to pass out – not to mention I have not done any of the dishes yet and I cannot go to bed wihtout cleaning. Halfway through dinner Peter needed a diaper change so we had to excuse ourselves and go upstairs to change his diaper. I knew that if he waited anymore he would have leaked straight through his pants if not worse! Luckily tonight I was good so I didn’t have any big problems 🙂

So ready for the weekend for me! I just want it to be Friday at 5 right now! 🙂 haha Well goodnight loves im heading to try to get started on some of the cleaning then eventually bed! Hugs!.