Whew! Just got back from walking and a little bit of jogging with Peter and the doggies! that was quite hot! My diaper is so full of sweat I am going to need a change even though I haven’t used it! 🙂 Peter and I are going out with some friends tonight to a local bar 🙂 I just bought this brand new dress last night that is pretty much as skin tight as they come and I am so wearing it and doubling my diaper. Peter is going to have a heartattack when he sees it but I am going to look very nice. He loves when you can see the outline of my diaper through my pants or dresses or whatever I am wearing. He doesn’t know about it yet so I am really excited to surprise him!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend! I think I need this weekend more than anything! Just to respond to a post I had earlier I found a locked drawer one of my filing cabinets that now i am keeping a few diapers in and a small pack of wipes. Im still taking my change to work but just in case there is an emergency I have some spares 🙂.