Back the the typical work week for me 🙂 Today seemed busier than normal but I’m not sure if it was or it was just the beginning of a week that I was not ready for! I had a really bad accident last night. I had pooped my diaper about an hour before we went to bed I thought everything was good so Peter went ahead and changed me. About 4 hours later while we were asleep my stomach really started hurting and i poopied again but this time Peter was a sleep and I felt too bad to wake him so I ended up leaking all over the bed without even knowing 🙁 It wasn’t until i woke up in the morning that i Saw the huge mess that I had made! I felt really bad.. Peter was so nice about it and treated me like ti was normal but I felt terrible that I had made such a mess – I’m sure it wasn’t the nicest smell for him to wake up too either!

I cleaned up and now things seem to be better – I really don’t know what has been up with my stomach these days but Peter has had a lot more to do with me 🙂 haha alrighty well im off to shower! Hugs!.