Well to start off I wanted to answer a question that I had from a reader. he asked me if (From the post yesterday) If i was just too lazy to get up and change myself, or if I wasn’t allowed. well… haha last night I was just too lazy but to me the best feeling in the entire world is when Peter changes me and treats me like the baby that I am 🙂 It is just such a good feeling to be taken care of and really feel like protected and that someone is always looking out for you. We each really focus on making the other feel as comfortable as possible, though we do not put “restrictions” on each other in that way. I change myself a good amount as well most of the time when peter is not available, but that night I was just lazy and I didn’t feel like getting up at that time to do it 🙂

Today was pretty uneventful for the most part. Peter and I went to the mall for a while after dinner just to get out and do something, didn’t end up buying anything but did try on some cute things and took pictures – I will have to get those up for you all soon! Well off to bed for this one….Hugs!.