I wanted to start off my addressing a question that one of the readers posted earlier. They asked me how I delt with going to the doctor and telling them about diapers. The thing with me is I do wear them for a medical reason so that is always what I tell them, i have had very few not believe me but i Often get some weird looks from them which surprises me considering they are doctors. One time – even though this is slightly embarrassing a while ago back when I was in college I Had to go to the emergency room and I had pooped my diaper. oops! I had to be taken so quickly that i didn’t have time to change so when I went in there I was scared they were going to smell it, even though I am pretty sure they did they never did say anything to me! But yea I just tell them my medical history and tell them that I wear them 24/7 because of that. I have never talked to anyone else about this – so I’m curious, has anyone else had to tell a doctor why they are wearing or explained it in some way?

Today was much more peaceful then the weekend! Peter and I went for a walk to try and get some exercise in with the dogs that was a lot of fun, though nothing much to report on 🙂 I hope everyone had a great day! Hugs!.