So i had a question about changing in the car and I am sorry I have not responded sooner but we are working to get an all new and redone IMABDL. We are really excited about it but it does take a lot of time to get it up and make sure that everything is working properly!

Someone asked how we changed as adults in the back of the car. We don’t like to hang out for everyone to see us especially when we are in between diapers 🙂 typically we go into the back of the car and just kinda cram in there so that the door is closed behind us. It is snug but that way peter or I can lay down and no one can see us when we are exposed 😉 It works pretty well for the most part! Sometimes if we are in a nicer area or a store we will find a family restroom and go in there and change those usually work better! But yeah if you just kinda cram in the back you can change on another pretty easy and it goes quicker and it makes you feel cute and babyish 🙂