First off in response to another question (btw- thank you very much for the questions, they not only give me something to post about but it is also always great to hear from my readers). Anyways, the question was do I have any space anywhere in my office to store some extra diapers. Normally, I always bring a change of diapers with me so that I have a couple changes – but I guess if i took some room out I could fit some diapers in the back of a drawer or something. only problem is sometimes the people I work with will go into my desk to get different files or such that I tell them to and that would be a hard thing to explain since I do keep this very secretive and out of my work life. But thanks for the idea maybe I have a drawer I can lock or something to keep them in so that Peter does not have to be inconvenienced 🙂 He is very good about helping me out whenever I Need it but I should have a backup plan in case he cannot get there!

I am very excited about the weekend! Peter and I are going to a local farmers market to get a lot of new stuff because we are trying to eat better, so that it will be easier on my stomach since i Seem to be having a lot of issues lately. I hope everyone has a great Friday! Hugs!!.