Mountain Diapered Experience

What a weekend! Peter and I decided that we should go and do some hiking again at this place we had hared of because we had really wanted to get out and get away from [...]


I went for a walk this afternoon before Peter got home because I felt like I needed to do something! Halfway out there the lunch that I had really started to hurt my stomach. I [...]

Diapers in the Rain

My diaper is SOAKED!! Peter and I went out with the dogs after we got back from work because we really wanted to get some excericse we got about 20 minutes out it started [...]

How thick can you go?

I'm sorry it is so late and I am posting but today has been oddly crazy. We have decided to change the carpet in the up stairs of our house so I have been spending [...]

UnderJams and Tranquility

Well the UnderJams experiment was not quite what I was hoping. Just like someone said in one of the comments they fit somewhat around the waste but they held nothing and when I tried to [...]


Okay so I have heard a lot of people talk about these UnderJams that have come out.  Especially after my last incidient trying to try on diapers that were too small for me I didn't [...]

Happy July 4th!!

Happy July 4th everyone!!!! I hope everyone has a great time! I love the fireworks and I can't wait to see them tonight! I think Peter and I are going hear in a little while [...]


I hope everyone enjoyed my new photo I posted yesterday :) I am really honestly going to try to do a much better job at posting more photos for you - but if you ever [...]

New Photo :)

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="302" width="454" /] Just wanted to post a new photo for you all because I haven't done this in a while! This is a picture that Peter took of me because I really [...]


The longest day of my life I think just occurred! Anyways thankfully both Peter and I are home at the same time today so we are getting ready to sit down to dinner and relax [...]

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