I am so so so so sorry for the delay in posting! Friday night was fine but we were out until about 3:30 am so by the time I got back I passed out! Saturday I woke up feeling really really sick and I couldn’t even get out of bed. My doctor wasn’t open so we had to go to the Emergency room which as everyone knows takes forever. I was seen by the doctor, which is always interesting because I always have to explain why I am wearing diapers even though it has nothing to do with my situation, but it always makes the doctors get a funny look on their face when they see that. Anyways – I was in the emergency room pretty much all day, turns out I had gotten food poisoning and after all the poopy and throwing up I had gotten severely dehydrated 🙁

Sunday I wasn’t feeling up to anything, I just laid on the couch drinking lots of fluids and Peter changed my diaper probably at least 3 times an hour because of all that I was drinking. It was not a fun weekend! I went to work today which was good though because I did not want to get behind on that on top of everything else. But I am feeling much better now and back to my old self so I promise to not be gone so long again 🙂 Hugs!!.