I felt like making a post about the numerous “same ol’, same ol'” diaper paysites that keep popping up.  I think they have to be the most ridiculous sites.  I don’t want to “per se” bash them but everyone knows the reason people pay to see the photos, to see these women (models) in diapers.  These models that 99% probably don’t like diapers and are doing it for a paycheck.  I am not one to say what someone is entertained by but these sites are purely starting to get annoying and they always look the same.  PLUS, they charge and arm and a leg for one measley month of service where you may get 1-3 updates during that month.  Some are worse than that – Aunt Elli, FlBabyGirls, Baby-Doll, and the list goes on.  You pay around $20 for these sites A MONTH.  That to me is sort of ridiculous for what they offer.  I would much rather pay for a site once and be done with it not worry about being charged again or whatever.  Also, I don’t want to see models in diapers – I would rather see a real person that actually enjoys wearing them or has to wear them and has come accustomed to them.  Being a 24 year old girl, I don’t get to see too many variety photos of real, if you want to use the word ‘amateur’ women wearing diapers like me.

Its just truly sad because so many people coming into the ABDL scene see these big name sites like the Aunt Elli and DiaperGal and all that and they believe it.  Which, can be good for your own personal fantasizing, but I think personally it really henders a lot of people’s way of thinking because they see these gorgeous models in them and it makes them really almost feel depressed and sad because they want to have somebody like that so bad.  This causes them I think to lose track of what they really should be looking for in a relationship not just the diaper aspect.  Yeh, I know thats really psychological and all but truly – there are going to be some people reading this and think about it may realize that may be happening to them.

My opinion is that if you have to join a paysite or you want to, try to join one that provides access to amateur photos and is updated a lot more often.  And for God sake, don’t pay 19.95 or more for one month of access, lol.  There are a number of good sites out there that don’t cost an arm and a leg to join that gives you access to huge databases of amateur photos that are neatly organized.  Off the top of my head a major one is IMABDL.com (www.imabdl.com).  There are a couple other ones in which I will have to lookup.  In no way am I saying go sign up there now, I am just saying for people thinking about joining certain paysites, you may want to rethink certain ones and go for a cheaper one rather than a really expensive one that doesn’t offer all that much besides the same ol’ stuff.  I am not looking to get bashed on this post but I have a feeling I will somehow but this is MY opinion as a girl and I can’t really know all the time what a guy thinks so…go easy on me if you disagree lol..