I have been using a certain kind of oil/lotion in the shower that is made by Johnson and Johnson that I am sure atleast a few people have heard of.  I absolutely love it too, but maybe thats because I am just a girl.  I highly recommend it though to anyone.  Its actually called Johnson and Johnson Melt Away Stress Massaging Moisturizing Softoil.  I absolutely adore this stuff.  I put it on right as a I am about to get out of the shower and it makes my skin so soft and smell so good.  It is quite potent I will admit but to me it helps relax me while also has a little touch of a baby smell to it.  Yes, it is a little more of a ‘girly’ smell but its NOT flowery or anything like that.

Its absolutely perfect I think.  Especially, in my case what I do a lot of times after a hard day is I will take a nice hot shower and put this oil on right as I am getting out of the shower.  Then, I will put on a nice thick diaper such as a Bambino or even an Attends feels good a lot of times (Attends fan as well).  Then, typically I will put my onesie on and just lay on our nice cozy couch and watch some TV in the dark.  Ahhh, just thinking about it makes me relax.  Try it sometime, its absolutely perfect especially with this stuff.  You can buy it at Walmart or Target or anywhere like that.  Its pretty easy to come by.  Give it a shot – I highly recommend it though..