Hi all.  Well, I have been getting some pretty hateful comments from a person lately from Aunt Elli or use to be from them – not exactly sure who they are.  But, basically he/she is saying very rude comments about how I am promoting IMABDL and bashing Aunt Elli and sites like that.  Also, he/she claims there are Aunt Elli pictures and wellpadded pictures on IMABDL – which since all photos are user uploaded we do our best to moderate them.  But, first off – I am not the main owner of IMABDL nor am I really an “owner” – I participate and can moderate but I have no ownership part in it.  Second, it states on the frontpage of IMABDL that we DO NOT ALLOW copyrighted material (go read on the frontpage yourself).  It also states in the page that if you find a copyrighted image or an image you would like removed then to please report it and it will be removed which I have personally done on multiple occasions and it is no big deal.

Look, not everyone is going to like IMABDL just like not everyone likes Aunt Elli.  I never insulted their site I just said that the payment fee (whether it is $13 or $19.99 like a lot of sites per month) doesn’t seem like the best thing to some people because their updates are not that often when your only paying for a month.  But, I never insulted them or bashed them.  I also said its all preference.  SOME PEOPLE may like that setup and then some people may like the one-time lifetime fee like IMABDL offers.  It is truly saddening to me because those were not my intentions to bash any other site…I was just telling a perspective that a lot of others seem to share.

If there are copyrighted then they either slipped by moderation or someone cut off the copyright on it which unless myself or the other moderators just recognize the type of photo we don’t know whether its from a site like Aunt Elli, Wellpadded, etc.  But, everyone must understand that we are updated daily thanks to our thousands of users that participate and upload great content.  If they choose to upload copyrighted material all we can do is do our best to moderate to the best of our ability what images get through.  But, its really not a big deal to remove the copyrighted images from a site like Aunt Elli – I would just have hoped they would have reported the image because obviously they are going to know their photos better then I or anyone else will.

Myself, nor IMABDL is trying to make enemies with anyone and we do our best to keep people happy.  Basically, since I got these hateful comments I have been PERSONALLY trying to go through the thousands of photos on IMABDL trying to weed out any photos slipped by.  I just wish people would be a little more understanding and realize that not everyone is trying to be damaging or mean about something.  Don’t jump to conclusions so quickly, because it might just be a honest mistake or something unknown to them.  Even though I am not an owner of IMABDL I am willing to help to the best of my ability to fix any problems one may have, regardless of what it is..