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Here is a photo we took going out with some friends to a bar on Monday night.  Monday night football – heck yeh!  Those pants are from Hollister and as you can tell very low rise that is why so much of the diaper is showing when my shirt is pulled up.  But, I love those pants.  We don’t go out to bars to often because I am not the biggest drinker…I might have a glass of wine or one beer but I must admit I am not a big alcohol fan and if I do drink – I like fruity drinks 🙂

Also, on a side note – some of my good friends from IMABDL have a huge surprise for the IMABDL community coming within the next day or two.  I was able to test it out today and it is amazing but its a whole new add-on feature rich social network.  It will be included in the membership but it will be basically a whole other site you will get access to as well (like a partner site).  Its very clean, neat, and organized.  I am very excited for them and the whole IMABDL community.  Cheers!.