I thought I would do a little bit different review today.  Instead of a diaper I thought I would review one of the onesies from CosynDry.  I have two onesies actually from them and they are basically the same just different designs but the one I have in particular is this one below and will be the one I am actually reviewing.

No, thats not me.  Though I wish my hair looked as silky and smooth as hers does.  Its just a model off of their website.  I will take a photo soon of me in one of their onesies and put it in the photography section when I get a chance.  Alright, well the onesie I would have to say is extremely comfortable and fitting.  Some of the onesies from other places I have tried are to big for me as I am descently skinny and most are made for men.  The size Small fits me beautifully.  Obviously it fits a little more snug when I have a thicker diaper on like a Bambino Diaper or Abri-Form X-plus or something like that.  But, it fits wonderfully.  The designs on it are super cute and definitely give you that babyish feel when you snap up the crotch.  The fabric is very soft and very snug feeling.  The leg openings actually fit my legs pretty well and are not too big.  My thighs are not very big but they are also not the skinniest (in my opinion) but the onesie fits it very well.  I have worn it to bed multiple nights and its not too hot and definitely keeps you a little warmer on cool nights.  Overall, this is probably the best onesie that I have and will definitely continue to order more in the future.  Obviously, everyone’s body is different but being 5’5″ and 112 lbs the onesie fits me good in a size small if thats any sort of mewp_ement for others to compare with.  I am pretty skinny (athletic build).

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